The Economic Council for Arab Sector Development-ECASD (Reg.) is a registered NGO at the ministry of justice. The Council was incorporated to promote solutions to economic problems suffered by the Israeli Arab sector. Starting by identifying the problems, finding the solutions and ending by implementing the ideal solution
The ECASD aims to be the linkage between Arabs and Jews for working and developing the Arab Sector of Israel.

The vision of the Economic Council is to have one state - one economy. Developing the Arab sector economy, integration the Arab sector into the national economy, reducing poverty within the Arab population, reducing the economic gap between the Israeli and the Arab societies.

Ethics Code:Trancparency is the most impotant of our ethics codes for the ECASD. For that we already nominated Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar as one of Israel's leading professional services firms, to be the ECASD auditing firm.

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